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We are sure you’re familiar with two-handed massages. What we will be introducing to you in this article is something called four-handed massages. It is a general belief that four-handed massages originate in Ayurveda. A four-handed massage is an extremely relaxing and therapeutic form of massage therapy.

Types of Four-Handed massages

There are mainly two approaches to four-handed massages. In a traditional approach, two massage therapists mirror each other’s movements over the left and right parts of your body, which leaves you with a well-balanced feeling. You will experience euphoria spreading across your body as you start to relax.

The other approach is an asynchronous one, where therapists work in a complementary way. For example, while one of them is massaging your neck area, the other is massaging your feet. And a well-designed routine will be seamless, having the best parts of both approaches. While massaging your body, different techniques like deep tissue, Swedish, shiatsu, and others may be used.

Benefits of four-handed massages

This therapy may be perfect for you if you find it hard to let go and be calm. Being more relaxing than a conventional massage, here are some of the benefits of four-handed massages:

  • It is a completely immersive experience brought about by the slow and rhythmic strokes. It’s like the therapists’ hands are in perfect synchrony.
  • It helps in balancing both sides of your brain by relaxing the nervous system.
  • It helps to create harmony within your body.
  • It relaxes your muscles and improves flexibility.
  • It improves circulation and reduces stress hormone levels.

You can communicate openly with the therapists about your pain points and have a personalized experience. Rejuvenate yourself by exploring the four-handed massage therapy.

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